Benefits Of Working Out To Music


Did you know that the right music actually enhances your workout? It is true. Music distracts you from the “burn” of the workout. But, controlling the music in time to the pace of the workout gives it far more intensity.

This is one of the reasons that FightFit is unique. You must keep pace to the music, whether it is the shadowboxing, kickboxing, weights or tabata. And trust me, the music is fast and intense.

Music acts as a good distraction. I cannot count the number of times when I feel that I have hit the wall and cannot continue. Then, a good song comes on and all of a sudden, I have that second wind and up my effort. If you exercise regularly, you will know what I mean. You become less aware of your exertion, which can greatly increase your athletic performance. And the faster the music, the better.

FightFit has designed its music to help you get in the zone. Whether it is work, martial arts, working out, or whatever, you always do far better when you are focused. If music helps you get that focus, that can only be good for your workout. With the FightFit program, it forces you get into the beat…the zone…of the music. You will feel charged, which will improve your performance.

Your workout music stimulates your brain on when to move. Together with the instructors count, you will know when to move and when not to move. This helps you use energy more efficiently, which aligns with our name. Our definition of “Quantum” is simply using the right amount of energy to get maximum results.

Another benefit to working out with music is that boosts your mood. We hear of too many instances of depression and low self-esteem in today’s society. One of the suggestions to overcome these feelings is to remain healthy and physically active. If working out to music can boost your mood even further, this can only be a positive.

Another benefit is that music can help you become more self-aware. As a martial artist, this point in particular means a lot to me. When you are listening to music, it allows you to concentrate on yourself more. It brings you back to the present moment, where you are not stressing about the past or future. When you are not worried, stressed or anxious, you are removing some negativity from your life. Conversely, with the power of the workout and music, you are replacing this negativity with positivity. That is what we want from your workout experience, i.e. you feel great during and after the workout.  

The right music has always been an important part of our lives. Music helped control your moods when you were a toddler. We all had favourite songs growing up, which made us happy. When you want to focus at work, you may put the earplugs in and listen to music. Music is such an important, yet under-estimated, part of all of our lives. Therefore, let music help enhance your workout experience. At FightFit, I can guarantee that the music will give you the best workout of your life and get you in the best shape of your life. Come down and see for yourself.

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