Believe In Yourself

Belief in yourself is one example where martial arts can mirror life. A lot of students set a goal for their Black Belt. New students may not know it yet, but they have just taken the first step towards garnering a strong belief in themselves, as they have created a goal….or a vision….for themselves.

Failure Is Fine

In every single martial arts class, you will fail at something. You may not keep up with the count, or you may not execute techniques up to your standards. And you know what? Failure is fine. However, belief in yourself that you will achieve your vision (i.e. Black Belt) is what keeps you going. Being able to fail but still push through builds self-belief every time. Keep working at it and you will get your goal.

Let Belief Grow

“Belief” is like a muscle. You must keep working hard for it to grow. One trick is not get stuck in a negative mindset. This is hard for some (including me), as being hard on yourself is easy. But this is where a strong martial arts community helps. When everybody else is focused on good things, or little wins, or just happy with training, it is contagious. We have those people in our community. It helps me garner a more positive mindset and start believing in myself.

Change Your Self Talk

Another trick to help with your self-belief is change your “talk”. Whether you tell yourself that you are good or no good, you will be right. Be extreme with your positive self-talk. Tell yourself you are the best / greatest. It may be out there, but watch your self-belief grow as a result. This winner mentality will not only help you with your goals, but also flow through to other areas of your life.

It All Starts With “You”

Just remember, if you do not firmly believe in yourself, it is hard for other’s to believe in you either. To make positive changes towards the things that are important to you, it all starts with having an unshakeable belief in YOU! You will BUILD A BETTER YOU!

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