Being Impeccable

The concept of being impeccable holds different meanings for different people. Personally, it signifies striving to achieve your utmost potential in every endeavor. I firmly believe that one should not exert 100% effort in some areas while settling for “less than 100%” in others. If you are unwilling to pursue excellence in all aspects of your life and opt for less demanding tasks, it will inevitably impact your overall performance. You get used to excuses or getting away with not doing your best. Those who excel are those who wholeheartedly embrace the idea of being impeccable in everything they undertake.

Establish Big Goals

Admittedly, being impeccable can be challenging without deliberate focus. Hence, it is crucial to set substantial goals. These goals should push you beyond your comfort zone. When you possess a genuine desire to attain something, you will naturally become meticulous in every action required to reach that objective.

Exceptional individuals possess unwavering belief in themselves, an integral part of their character. Once you have made a firm decision to pursue a goal, do not doubt yourself. Do not allow negativity to seep into your thoughts or words. Instead, commit yourself to unwavering excellence in the actions necessary to achieve your aspirations. This commitment will strengthen your self-belief.

Surround Yourself With Excellence

Lastly, surround yourself with the best. In martial arts, being the best does not solely revolve around being the most skilled fighter or the one who can execute the highest kicks. The finest people are those who willingly devote their time to assist others, always smiling and being generous to all. I wholeheartedly believe that we cultivate such an environment at Quantum Martial Arts / Northstar Ju Jitsu. It is why I love spending time in the dojo, as we have an environment where everyone contributes to helping each other pursue excellence.

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