Being Impeccable

Being impeccable can mean many things to many people. For me, it is being your absolute best at everything you do. I do not believe that you should try 100% at some things, but “less than 100%” at other things. If you are not willing to be impeccable in all areas of your life, and only do things that are less effort, it will impact your overall excellence. Excellent people are willing to be impeccable at everything they do.

Set Big Goals

I will admit that it is hard to be impeccable unless you focus on it. Therefore, set big goals. These goals should be so big that they get you out of your comfort zone. If you really want something, you will start being impeccable with all of the actions needed to attain that goal. Excellent people absolutely believe in themselves. It is part of their character. Once you decide you really want something, do not doubt yourself. Do not let negativity creep into your thoughts or words. Instead, commit to being impeccable with the actions needed to achieve your goals. This will help garner your self-belief.

Be Around The Best

Finally, be around the best. In martial arts, being the best does not mean being the best fighter, or the person who can kick the highest. The best people are those who are also willing to give up their time to help others, and always do it with a smile on their face and generosity in their hearts. I thoroughly believe that we have that at Quantum Martial Arts / Northstar Ju Jitsu system. It is why I love hanging around the dojo, as I learn that everybody in the place is helping me be impeccable with everything I do.