Behaviour and Action

Who does not want to be the best that you can be? I believe that we all do, whether it is a better parent, child, student, worker, boss, martial artist, whatever. However, deciding today to adopt the behaviours needed to “build a better you” does not you will be a different person tomorrow. You need to work at it over time. But you can decide today to take those first steps.

Identify Change

The first step is identifying the change that you need. This can be really hard, as you may not want to admit that you are not perfect. Identifying what needs changing is like taking medicine as a child. You may not want it, but you need it. However, once you identify the behaviours you need to improve, you must have faith you can get better at it. You may fail at times. Who cares? Be patient and keep doing the behaviours you need to build a better you.

Set Your Goal

The next step is setting the right milestone. The goal must be personal and aligned to your values, otherwise it will not work. You must believe that you can really adopt the right behaviours. Once you have this faith, limit the non-important areas of your life and really concentrate on achieving the things that are important to you. Set a time limit too so that you will not slacken off.

Take Action

The next step is to take action. You can be super-duper motivated to build a better you, but if you do not add some action to that motivation, it is worthless. The behaviours do not have to huge ones. They can be as simple as saying “yes” when your parents ask you to do something (rather than complaining). It could be getting up earlier to do something. Commit to at least one behaviour that is aligned to your goal.

Never Give In…And Get To It

Lastly, but not leastly, never ever give up. The person who crosses the finish line first is not always the best person. It is often the person who does not stop, and is always taking consistent action towards their goals. This means adopting the positive behaviours needed to “build a better you” (whatever that means to you).

So, do not waste more time reading this blog. Decide right now what behaviour you will take to build that better you.

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