It is important for everybody…whether you practice martial arts or not…to have balance in your life. I do not mean balance as in walking a tightrope, although life can sometimes feel that way. Balance is more about living a peaceful and harmonious life each day.

Body – Mind – Spirit

Balance is having the physical (e.g. regular exercise and eating healthy), mental (e.g. sleep, relaxing for rejuvenation) and emotional (e.g. time with loved ones, meditation) aspects of your life being in tune with each other. The mix will be different for each person. But to lead a more fulfilled life, you must focus time and energy on each of these areas. You must create harmony between your responsibilities (family, work, school, etc) and pursuits that bring you fulfilment (e.g. martial arts).

Martial Arts Helps Balance

In martial arts, you learn techniques that make you strong and powerful. But striking or throwing hard does not equal true strength. True strength is having the courage to “build a better you”. True strength is living a peaceful life and being of service to others. To do this, you must have the balance to be strong yet gentle, direct or indirect, depending on the needs of the situation. So, if you are not already, work each day on improving the physical, mental and emotional side of you. It will lead to a happier you and happier others.

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