Australia Day – Community

With Australia Day, it reminds me about community and how important it is for a martial arts dojo.

These days, anyone can watch a few videos on YouTube and the UFC and then open up an MMA training centre.  They seem to come and go, and then evolve into a Crossfit Gym, or disappear leaving a handful of dedicated students despondent.

We always get feedback from students and parents that the “sense of community” in Quantum Martial Arts is one of the key things that set us apart from other schools and dojos.

I am sure that other schools and systems could claim the same. However, for Quantum Martial Arts, instructors and broader community, I know we have something truly special. 

This is what sets Quantum Martial Arts apart:

  • The leadership of all of the Black Belts in our system – these are powerful leaders who walk their talk
  • Our awesome Children’s Trainers team who are committed to the development of your children. This includes your child’s safety and growth as they grow into adulthood. This is critical work that needs to be honoured
  • A martial arts suitable for Australian’s, but which has deep roots in traditional systems
  • A martial art that is first and foremost a self defence system – developed and distilled over more than 30 years
  • Over 100 currently training Black Belts in the Northstar Ju Jitsu (NSJJ) network.  The Black Belt community is strong, with many being great friends outside of the dojo
  • The friendship and support amongst the NSJJ network of schools – Northstar, Quantum, Keystone, Arrow, Eureka, Esprit and Weststar martial arts schools
  • A philosophy and approach which is built around service.  Our adult students help out with both the adult’s and children’s classes.  When someone tries their first class with Quantum Martial Arts, they are assigned a senior belt to guide and assist.  Senior belts mentor and assist junior belts. This is what the spirit of Australia was built on
  • A truly diverse student group which is a microcosm of modern Australia – we have students from every race, nationality, creed, persuasion and background. It does not matter when you are in the dojo. Everybody is the same and everybody is enjoying the same unique experience.

So on Australia Day, I am optimistic for our great country because, fundamentally,  Australia is built on ‘communities’ like our own.

So whatever you do on Australia Day, we wish you the best and really hope you enjoy it. 

Have a great day, build a better you and build a better community.

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