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Scott Clinton

Scott Clinton

Scott Clinton

Scott is a 2nd Dan black belt in Tae kwon do and a fully qualified NorthStar Jiu Jitsu Children’s Instructor.

Scott began his Martial Arts career in primary school; he achieved the rank junior black belt 1st Dan by the end of primary school. During this time he was competed in many tournaments culminating in winning a Gold medal in 2004 at the South Pacific Tae Kwon Do Championships. After taking some time off to study, Scott received his 2nd Dan in Tae kwon do in 2014. He joined the trainer’s team at Quantum Martial Arts shortly thereafter.

The reason Scott enjoys teaching the children is to see their reaction when they learn a new technique or achieve that next belt. He particularly appreciates the opportunity to teach the older children that control and technique are better than force. This knowledge, added to the skills he teaches at Quantum, will help the students deal with the stresses that modern life can throw their way.

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