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Matt Gurr

Matt Gurr

Matt Gurr

1st Dan black belt in ITF style Tae Kwon Do

1st Dan Black Belt in Northstar Jiu-Jits

Matt has had a lifelong fascination with the Martial Arts. Starting with Judo at a young age, he soon moved into Tae Kwon Do, where the hard and direct fighting skills lent themselves to effective self-defence while offering physical benefits in fitness and flexibility. After earning his black belt in ITF style Tae Kwon Do, he took on a trainer position in the UK.

After moving to Australia he sought out a new challenge that would provide a counterpoint to the increasing focus of TKD on sports styles. He joined the Northstar Jiu-Jitsu schools in 2012, where the combinations of simple yet effective fighting styles drew him in straight away. Matt now holds a 1st Dan Black Belt in Northstar Jiu-Jitsu.

Drawing on his TKD background, Matt likes to challenge his classes with hard hitting strike combinations, but has grown to love the skills involved in close hand to hand jiu-jitsu fighting, particularly ground work, where developing skill and awareness is essential to survival

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