Quantum Martial Arts – Darren Higgs

About Quantum Martial Arts

Quantum Ma10371494_236905249832156_3807449927635032682_nrtial Arts represents martial arts for everyone. It is a simple, yet effective, self defence system that blends the best moves from all of the successful styles. You will get incredibly fit, have fun and make lifelong friends.

Quantum Martial Arts is run by Darren Higgs, who is a long-standing martial artist. Darren has had many years of training students towards their martial arts goals, including Blac10383492_236905133165501_8972523186162647062_nk Belt and beyond. However, Darren is more interested in helping students become all that they can be in all aspects of their life. 

Quantum Martial Arts is a fully licenced branch of the Northstar Ju Jitsu System network. Darren remains a continuing senior student of Sensei Andy Dickinson.

Darren Higgs

Darren has been involved in martial arts for his adult life. Darren has achieved recognition during this time, including obtaining his 5th Dan Black Belt in the Northstar Ju Jitsu System and 3rd Dan Black Belt in Budo Jitsu

Darren has competed successfully overseas, including winning at the 2005, 2013 and 2017  SAW International Championships held in Tokyo, Japan. Darren was Captain of the Australian team that competed in the ISJA World Championships in Poland 2013. Darren is also a member of the Australian team for the 2017 WCJJO World Championships on the Gold Coast. 

Darren’s real passion is teaching the martial arts to his fellow students, both adult and children. Darren gets particular satisfaction out of seeing people achieve their personal goals. Darren thoroughly enjoys his training, and tries to pass on that enthusiasm to his fellow students.


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