Time to commit!

It is an exciting time at Quantum Martial Arts and across the broader Northstar Ju Jitsu network as we approach the June grading.

Northstar Quantum girls

Northstar and Quantum students

We have been spending the last few Friday mornings helping some NSJJ red belts with their grading preparation and from a personal experience it brings back so many vivid memories of the challenge and elation of achieving my first dan ranking!

Darren and I encourage everyone who possibly can to commit to grading in June and being part of the awesome community experience.  Now is the time to commit and make a plan to get the necessary classes and work on the last minute fitness surge.

If you have any concerns about not being ready or being a class or two short please have a chat to Darren or myself and we will make sure we help you overcome those hurdles!

For the next three Fridays – 5th, 12th and 19th June – our 7AM class at PCYC Woolloomooloo will be focused on grading revision.  Friday evenings at KGV at 630PM are sparring – 5th & 12th June – especially if you need those sparring sign offs!

And always feel free to grab us or a senior belt before class for any questions on techniques!

See you on the mats!


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